Bitcoin Buying Guide

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Step 1: Bitcoin Buying Guide Instructions

1. Click link above to claim $10 in FREE Bitcoin.
2. Enter name.
3. Enter e-mail. Create a new google e-mail account.
4. Enter a password. Make it very strong and store it in a secure location.
5. Verify you’re human and over 18.
6. Click Create Account


Step 2:

1. Enter phone number.
2. Enter Country of residence.

Step 3:

1. Verify phone number with 2 factor authentication or “2FA”.
2. Receive code via SMS text message from Coinbase.
3. Enter code exactly as received into required field.

Step 4:

1. Add a payment method

Step 5:

1. Select Credit, Debit, Wire Transfer, or Bank Account.

Step 6:

1. Add Bank Account, Credit/Debit, or Wire Transfer details.

Step 7:

1. Select Settings from top menu.
2. Verify all information is complete and correct.

*Coinbase is a reputable company handling billions in transactions. This means they have a serious interest in keeping your information secure.

Step 8:

1. From Dashboard navigate to buy/sell tab.
2. Verify the buy tab is selected.
3. Select Bitcoin.
4. Select Payment method from drop down menu.
5. Select amount of USD or native fiat currency to convert to bitcoin.
6. PUSH button – “Buy Bitcoin Instantly”
7. Wait for transaction to process.

Step 9:

1. Verify the funds (the Bitcoin) has been applied to your Coinbase Bitcoin wallet.

You’ll notice I don’t have any funds 🙁 in my wallet. If I had I’d be able to see the balance on the left and any transactions on the right.

* Please note, depending upon the amount of Bitcoin traffic this can take a few minutes. Stay Calm 🙂

Thats It! Nothing too it right? It’s at this point you’ll want to start thinking about public keys, private keys, hardware wallets, security phrases, privacy, and the list goes on and on. The truth is, buying and selling cryptocurrencies requires special care be given to all security matters. But don’t fret, these guides will walk you step-by-step to buying AND SECURING your new cryptocurrencies.

Getting back, we’ve all heard the stories about some cryptocurrency being hacked and millions or billions of dollars being stolen. In fact, as a short side note this is the reason we have Ethereum classic and Ethereum today. Ethereum suffered a security flaw and someone siphoned off millions of dollars, in a remarkable effort from the ETH community they decided to hard fork to stop the funds and return the money. Thus, creating the separate currency. To read more about that story click here.

At this point, let me congratulate you on buying your very first cryptocurrency. In just a matter of minutes your money could double. Thats no joke, these markets move fast but we’ll save that lesson for another day.

May God bless and keep your investments ever fruitful.

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